Our Philosophy

At Baby It’s Bedtime, we believe in having a plan in place for when your baby comes home.

We will teach you how to develop a flexible routine in order to know what your baby needs more predictably. This helps you nurture and care for your baby, and it also promotes bonding and attachment, as you are consistent in meeting your baby's needs.

Good day sleep and good night sleep are of utmost importance to your baby’s physical and emotional development. Through learning to act on your baby’s cues consistently, you will be able to aid your baby to sleep through this gentle, no-cry approach.

With the Baby It’s Bedtime video, we want parents to have condensed, helpful information that is easy to watch. You’ll learn how to organize your days and learn gentle ways to get your baby to sleep, giving you peace and predictability. Get your copy today, and you’ll be well on your way to happy days and sleepy nights!