Baby It’s Bedtime is an easy-to-watch video providing a gentle solution for happy days and sleepy nights. It contains 20 minutes of helpful info and secrets to using consistency and routine as your baby’s sleep aids.

With compassion and expertise, author of Baby It’s Bedtime, Laura Kang, LMFT, will walk you through gentle and effective ways to get your baby on a flexible day routine, along with tips to help you respond to your baby’s needs throughout the day. 

Welcome to the perfect way to prepare for your new arrival and your new journey into parenthood!

The Baby It’s Bedtime Video includes:

• An easy to follow plan for helping to organize your baby’s days

• Gentle ways to help your baby sleep (NOT a Cry-It-Out method)

• Secrets to using consistency and routine as your baby’s sleep aids.

• Information on how to read your baby’s sleep cues

• Bonus sample schedules included for your baby’s first year

• 20 minutes of helpful info, available as a DVD or digital download

Our Philosophy

At Baby It’s Bedtime, we believe in having a plan in place for when your baby comes home.

We will teach you how to develop a flexible routine in order to know what your baby needs more predictably. This helps you nurture and care for your baby, and it also promotes bonding and attachment, as you are consistent in meeting your baby's needs.

Good day sleep and good night sleep are of utmost importance to your baby’s physical and emotional development. Through learning to act on your baby’s cues consistently, you will be able to aid your baby to sleep through this gentle, no-cry approach.

With the Baby It’s Bedtime video, we want parents to have condensed, helpful information that is easy to watch. You’ll learn how to organize your days and learn gentle ways to get your baby to sleep, giving you peace and predictability. Get your copy today, and you’ll be well on your way to happy days and sleepy nights!


meet laura.

the woman behind baby it's bedtime.

Laura Kang, LMFT, is a mom of two and a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in the LA area. As Co-Founder and President of Baby It’s Bedtime, Inc., she created the Baby It’s Bedtime video to be an easy-to-access resource for parents and caregivers of new babies.

Outside of her profession, Laura enjoys beach days, going on hikes with her family, unwinding with a glass of wine, and all things chocolate.


frequently asked questions



The heart behind this DVD was intended for first-time parents and parents-to-be. BIB can also be a great tool for grandparents, caregivers and a refresher for existing parents.

We wanted to give clear, practical information to help moms and dads in the early weeks of their baby's life, starting at 8 weeks after their baby's due date.


Instead of spending late nights reading stacks of baby books, watch this 20 minute video that is packed with proven and practical information. Get real tips for getting your baby on a flexible routine so that they become great night sleepers. Give your baby and your family the gift of peace, predictability and sanity during their first year of life!


It's recommended to watch Baby It's Bedtime while you are anticipating your baby's arrival. It helps you have a plan in place for when your baby comes home. However, Baby It's Bedtime can also be implemented at anytime throughout the first year of your baby's life.


Promoting good sleep will result in having a well-rested baby, and a well-rested family. Research shows that good sleep affects your baby's ability to learn, ability to manage behavior and emotions, as well as your baby's physical health. Therefore, developing good sleep habits should be a priority in your baby's first year of life.

You can prevent unhealthy sleep patterns from developing by following a healthy routine and tuning into your baby's cues. Learning and implementing healthy sleep habits at the start of your baby's life prevents long-term negative effects of poor sleep.




The PERFECT GIFT for you and your new baby!  Get yourself on the path to happy days and sleepy nights!

This video is a great gift for a friend or family member who is just starting out on their parenting journey.  Included are free sample schedules for your baby's first year. BIB is also a great refresher for existing parents who could use some tips on ways to organize their baby’s routine and create good sleep habits! It is also a great tool to pass on to caregivers and grandparents to get them all on the same page for consistent care for your baby.

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